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Blockchain Firm Nansen, Sixdegree to Provide Onchain Insights to DAOs, Institutional Market Participants

Nansen, a provider of on-chain insights for crypto investors and teams, is pleased to announce a partnership with Sixdegree, a crypto-native onchain research firm that specializes in incentive optimization for protocols to enhance user growth. This collaboration aims to “bolster the crypto industry by granting… Read More

Anchorage Digital Bank Explains Why They Use Chromebooks as Their Primary Hardware, OS

Aaron Lint, Security Lead at Anchorage Digital, as well as Prasanna Gautam, Technical Lead, Protocols, among other members of the firm’s professional team have shared key updates. Anchorage Digital notes in a blog post that as a fast-scaling company, their technical staff is core to… Read More

Blockchain Protocol BlockBlend Remains Focused on Delivering Privacy to Cryptocurrency Users, Announces V2 Platform

The birth of blockblend.io in March of 2022 brought various privacy features to the crypto space. BlockBlend reportedly became a catalyst “allowing blockchain users to protect themselves and their anonymity.” Aimed at the retail level users, BlockBlend marks one year of operations “with their unique… Read More

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