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TransUnion Partners with Samooha to Enable Privacy-First Identity Resolution and Audience Segmentation

TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) announced a partnership between its marketing solutions line, TruAudience, and Samooha, by Snowflake, a native data clean room solution on Snowflake. The partnership paves the way “for a privacy and data-driven future in the advertising industry.” This also represents a significant step… Read More

DeFi Infrastructure Protocol Singularity Reports New Funding Round

Singularity, founded in late 2022, says it has concluded its second funding round at the end of 2023, with this round reportedly led by Gumi Cryptos Capital. The funding will support the development of its protocol, “aimed at facilitating compliant access to DeFi as well… Read More

Ram Ramachandran from Router Protocol Discusses Why Privacy and Security Are Essential for Blockchain Platforms

We recently caught up with Ram Ramachandran, the CEO at Router Protocol, which supports building an interoperable Web3 with modular cross-chain infrastructure. Ram Ramachandran commented on what can be done to help regain users’ privacy and security in Blockchain in 2024. Ramani Ramachandran, CEO of… Read More

Mine, a Firm Focused on Data Privacy Market, Secures $30M via Series B Co-led by Battery Ventures, PayPal Ventures

Mine, a company disrupting the data privacy market, announced that it has raised $30 million in Series B funding, co-led by Battery Ventures and PayPal Ventures, with significant investments from Nationwide Ventures and “with the participation of all existing investors including Saban Ventures, Gradient Ventures… Read More

Project Tourbillon: BIS Report Demonstrates that “Cash-Like Anonymity” Is Possible in Retail Central Bank Digital Currency

The BIS published the concluding report of Project Tourbillon, which reportedly demonstrates that “cash-like anonymity” is possible in a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC). The project, developed by the BIS Innovation Hub Swiss Centre, has reportedly tested the concept of payer anonymity, which “provides… Read More

Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute at University of Waterloo Receives Investment from Mastercard

Mastercard (NYSE: MA) and the Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute (CPI) at the University of Waterloo have announced a $550,000 partnership focused on research and talent advancement in cybersecurity. The funding will support projects that increase “Trust in Data” around: fingerprinting, identification and validation, and data… Read More

Julian Deschler, Co-Founder at Elusiv: Blockchain Professional Comments on Latest Solana (SOL) Ecosystem Developments

MakerDAO co-founder Rune Christensen has submitted a proposal to build the project’s upcoming native chain using Solana’s codebase, which led to Vitalik Buterin selling $580,000 worth of MakerDAO’s MKR token in rebellion. The move may be an indication that ecosystem participants want to explore different… Read More

Blockchain Founders Group Teams Up with Concordium to Support Secure Digital Platforms

Blockchain Founders Group and Concordium have entered into a partnership. Concordium is a permissionless Layer 1 that balances privacy with accountability, providing a fast, secure, and high-scale blockchain platform to build a safer tomorrow. As covered, Concordium is a Layer 1, “science-backed” blockchain, that balances… Read More

Treasury’s Proposed “Broker” Rules Expand Surveillance, Well Beyond a “Third Party Doctrine,” According to Coin Center

The US Treasury’s proposed ‘broker’ rules expand surveillance “well beyond a ‘third party doctrine’ that’s already stretched thin,” according to the team at Coin Center, a crypto policy think tank. Peter Van Valkenburgh, Director of Research at CoinCenter, Board Member at the Zcash Foundation, notes… Read More

Worldcoin Crypto Initiative Is Being Scrutinized by Regulators in Several Jurisdictions

Growing numbers of world governments are beginning to scrutinize the services provided by Worldcoin, which is described as a crypto-related initiative that’s co-founded by OpenAI Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman that was officially launched in July of this year. Nearly 2.3 million consumers throughout the… Read More

Regtech 0xKYC, a Developer of Permissionless Identity Solutions, Partners with Hinkal Protocol, a Privacy-focused DeFi Platform

A “significant” advancement has been made in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector as 0xKYC, a developer of pioneering permissionless identity solutions, joins forces with Hinkal Protocol, a privacy-focused DeFi platform. This partnership marks a thoughtful integration of compliance and privacy, creating an environment “where private… Read More

Ethereum Decentralization: Foundry Staking Teams Up with SSV Network as Mainnet Verified Operator

This announcement marks a significant milestone in the digital landscape as NexeraID in collaboration with PolygonID unveil their Web3 Compliance initiative. This project sets a standard for privacy protection while “ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements in the ever-evolving realm of Web3 compliance.” With the… Read More

Worldcoin Crypto Initiative Suspended by Authorities in Kenya Due to Consumer Privacy-related Concerns

Kenya’s interior ministry revealed on Wednesday (August 2, 2023) that it would be suspending the local activities of the crypto-related initiative Worldcoin as the nation’s authorities assess various risks to the public’s general safety. The initiative established by OpenAI Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman was… Read More

Peter Barcak, CEO at Credolab: Fintech Professional Comments on Future of Lending, Power of Behavioral Data

We recently connected with Peter Barcak, Founder & CEO of credolab, which claims to be today’s largest developer of bank-grade digital scorecards and data enrichment solutions based on behavioral metadata. The company leverages privacy-consented and anonymous smartphone and online metadata to provide lenders, risk officers,… Read More

France’s Privacy Watchdog Says Legality of Worldcoin’s Biometric Data Collection Process Is Questionable

France’s privacy-focused watchdog CNIL stated on Friday (July 28, 2023) that it is well aware of ChatGPT-founder Sam Altman‘s Worldcoin initiative and that the legality of its biometric data collection process appears to “questionable.” Worldcoin, which was officially introduced on Monday, requires clients to offer… Read More

CBDCs: Brazil’s Central Bank Digital Currency Source Code Might Freeze, Lower User Account Balances, Blockchain Developer Claims

Brazil’s CBDC (or central bank digital currency) codebase could potentially freeze or even reduce funds. This, according to an analysis by a blockchain developer. According to a reports, a blockchain/DLT developer found certain functions that could potentially allow a centralized entity to freeze payments or… Read More

Privacy Coins: Monero’s (XMR) Encryption Tech Has Not Yet Been Cracked by Any Nation-State, Report Claims

Monero’s encryption tech, which makes use of signatures from several different users to conceal who has carried out a monetary transfer, has reportedly not been hacked by any nation (at least it has not been widely reported). As reported by Fast Company, analysts with the… Read More

Valerii Brizhatiuk: Co-founder at Swisstronik Says Hong Kong’s Crypto Regulations Exemplify a Competent, Far-Sighted Approach to the Industry

We recently caught up with Valerii Brizhatiuk, Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder at Swisstronik, a layer-1 solution designed to build scalable decentralized applications that ensure users’ data protection and privacy, while remaining in compliance with local regulations. According to the project team, Swisstronik is unique because… Read More

AntChain Introduces Privacy-Preserving Computing Platform, Offering Data Privacy Protection Solution for AI Machine Learning

AntChain announced a new collaboration with Intel to launch AntChain Massive Data Privacy-Preserving Computing Platform (MAPPIC), a new privacy-preserving computing (PPC) platform that brings a data privacy protection solution for large-scale AI machine learning. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, MAPPIC is based “on the Trusted… Read More

Billing Platform Recurly to Support HIPAA-Regulated Subscription Businesses

Recurly, a subscription management and billing platform, announced it has taken the necessary steps to support functions that fall within the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which serves “as the U.S. national standard for health information security and privacy.” Dan Burkhart, co-founder and… Read More

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