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HAYVN, a Regulated Financial Institution, Introduces Cryptocurrency Index Fund

HAYVN, a globally regulated digital asset focused financial institution, called the bottom of the cryptocurrency market and launched its HAYVN 20 Cryptocurrency Index fund. The Cayman Islands based fund “offers clients a diversified, low-cost, and regulated strategy to invest in an index representing the top… Read More

Recent Increase in Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, Lending “Exponentially Exacerbated” Bitcoin and Crypto Market’s Price Drop, Fintech Executive Argues

The recent Bitcoin (BTC) sell-off during the past few days has called into question the pseudonymous cryptocurrency’s ability (and narrative) to serve as a safe haven asset. As the price of BTC dropped significantly to below $4000, COO of Fintech firm Two Prime, Alexander S…. Read More

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