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CipherTrace Hosting FATF Crypto Travel Rule Hackathon

Blockchain forensics firm CipherTrace is hosting a Travel Rule Compliance Conference and Hackathon in San Francisco November 5th and 6th. The event has been organized, “to develop open solutions that cryptocurrency exchanges, hedge funds, blockchains and banks urgently need to comply with both the FATF and… Read More

CypherTrace Crypto Report: Scammers Stole $4.26 Billion in First 6 Months of 2019

Cryptocurrency sleuth CypherTrace is out with their H1 Crypto report covering scams, rule changes, and major trends. The document claims that crooks stole $4.26 billion during the first 6 months as fraudsters continued to fleece good money from the unsuspecting. According to CypherTrace, insider thefts… Read More

Bitfury Appoints New CEO to Blockchain Forensics Service, Tells Criminals to “Run, Not Walk” from Bitcoin

Bitfury, one of the world’s largest “blockchain” companies (they manufacture cryptocurrency miners, run “cryptomining pools” and generate software) has appointed a new CEO to run its blockchain forensics leg Crystal, according to a company release. Marina Khaustova, reportedly the former chief marketing officer and  co-founder of a digital token… Read More

Three Charged in Bulgaria for $5 Million Cryptocurrency Theft

Bulgarian police have arrested and charged 3 people accused of stealing $5 million in cryptocurrencies, Reuters reports. The arrests were announced Monday by officials from the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior and local prosecutors. Police seized $3 million in cryptocurrency at the scene as well… Read More

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