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Regtech is the Future of Regulation: A Discussion with Regtech Association CEO Deborah Young

Regulation Technology or Regtech is the future of regulation and compliance. This much is clear. Yet like other aspects of financial technology, adoption is taking place at a methodical pace. Regtech, alongside “Suptech” [supervisory technology], can alleviate many of the challenges intrinsic to the financial… Read More

Regtech: Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance Launches New Regulatory Benchmarking Survey

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), the leading research institute for all things Fintech,  has launched its first survey of Regtech (regulatory technology) and Suptech (supervisory technology) firms. The new report is being completed in partnership with EY Japan. CCAF states that fieldwork is… Read More

Australia: NSW Focuses on Regtech Industry, Government Helps to Fund Industry Association

Minister for Trade and Industry Niall Blair has announced the NSW Government is backing growth in the state’s emerging regulatory technology (Regtech) industry with a first event in Sydney this coming week (May 3 -4). Additionally, Blair said the Government was supporting The RegTech Association with… Read More

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