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Trump’s Former Pick for the Fed Board, Stephen Moore, Now Backing “Crypto Central Bank” Venture

Yesterday, Stephen Moore, Donald Trump’s controversial, former pick for a 14-year post on the US Federal Reserve Board, told Yahoo Finance that Facebook’s new Libra crypto venture is, “on balance…a good thing.” Moore said the coin implies “competition” for central banks: “It’s interesting, because [Facebook’s Libra]… Read More

Canadian Blockchain Firm Decentral Announces Launch of Jaxx Liberty & Jaxx Unity

Decentral Inc., a Canada-based blockchain company and the creator of the multi-platform, multi-currency digital wallet Jaxx, has announced its next phase: Decentral Project, which was three years in the making. As part of the next phase, the company also unveiled the first three of the… Read More

Decentral’s Jaxx Digital Wallet & Exchange Adds 70 Partners

Decentral has announced that its flagship product, Jaxx , a multi-platform digital currency wallet and exchange, has secured more than 70 new partners and integrations for all things blockchain. Jaxx wants to be the tool that brings digital currencies and digital assets to the masses. “We are bringing together… Read More

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