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Trump’s Former Pick for the Fed Board, Stephen Moore, Now Backing “Crypto Central Bank” Venture

Yesterday, Stephen Moore, Donald Trump’s controversial, former pick for a 14-year post on the US Federal Reserve Board, told Yahoo Finance that Facebook’s new Libra crypto venture is, “on balance…a good thing.” Moore said the coin implies “competition” for central banks: “It’s interesting, because [Facebook’s Libra]… Read More

Trump Ally and Economist Stephen Moore Says Facebook’s Crypto Libra “On Balance…a Good Thing”

Facebook announced it’s forthcoming price-stabilized cryptocurrency, “Libra,” last week, and many politicians across the globe have been sounding the alarm on it. A number of American politicians issued sober warnings regarding the advent of Libra. US Senator Sherrod Brown warned that Facebook’s new payment system would… Read More

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Fintech?

Soon the dust will will settle and the collective surprise of a Donald Trump Presidency will sink in and the United States will move forward. On top of a populist Trump administration, the Republican Party will control both houses of Congress. This is a combination… Read More

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