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Hyundai Crowdfunding Effort Trumps Dodge Dart Registry

Would you believe that after all of the noise the Dodge Dart Registry made when it launched in January of 2013, it resulted in two sales? Two. This is one of the revelations from a report on BrandChannel.com, a news outlet that covers brand marketing… Read More

Dodge Dart Registry: Crowdfunding Your Car

The Dodge Dart Registry is an interesting angle on crowdfunding – where the crowdfunding is more marketing than a fund raising tactic.  The platform, powered by RocketHub, currently has over 6000 “registrants” listed on the site.  Registrants are individuals who have created their car, similar… Read More

Dodge Dart Ads Tout Crowdfunding

Can’t afford a new car? Try crowdfunding. This novel idea comes from Chrysler Group, which lays out the details in the latest ads for its 2013 Dodge Dart. A television commercial that began airing this week introduces the Dodge Dart Registry, a website that allows… Read More

Dodge Dart Registry Powered By Crowdfunding Platform RocketHub

Dodge creatively redefines how to purchase the groundbreaking all-new 2013 Dodge Dart just as the brand redefined what a world-class compact car should be Registry launches with new 30-second ‘How to Change Buying Cars Forever’ TV spot debuting January 20 on Fox Network NFC championship broadcast ‘Dodge… Read More

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