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Orchard Co-Founder & CFO Angela Ceresnie: This is Only the Beginning for Marketplace Lending, This is the Future of Credit

  “The technology Orchard builds connects hundreds of millions of dollars of institutional capital to a rapidly expanding number of originators across multiple asset classes. This ultimately touches borrowers in an efficient and transparent manner, which truly makes what we do “many to many.” Orchard… Read More

Orchard Platform’s CEO Matt Burton Discusses P2P Lending Market Development: Invest in Loans with Intelligence, Speed and Scale

An Interview with Orchard Platform’s CEO Matt Burton Founded in 2013, the tech company Orchard Platform enables Direct Lending originators and institutional investors to optimize and scale Direct Lending at a global level. The Orchard Platform Advisors, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Orchard Platform (Orchard… Read More

Listen: Ruth Hedges Interviewed At Crowdfunding Bootcamp In Las Vegas

The second annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp for 2013 has come and gone. Ruth Hedges was the primary organizer of the event, and she was interviewed by Doug Atkin of “From the Cloud to the Crowd” about her background and how her experience as… Read More

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