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David Snitkof, Head of Analytics at Ocrolus, a Document Automation Platform for Financial Services, Comments on Automotive Lending Market

David Snitkof, Head of Analytics at Ocrolus, which claims to be the leading document automation platform in financial services, powering the digital lending ecosystem, notes that just over a year ago, he had commented on the state of the automotive lending markets in the US…. Read More

Kabbage’s Acquisition of Orchard Officially Closes

Orchard co-founder Matt Burton has emailed industry members stating the previously announced acquisition of his company by SME lender Kabbage has formally closed. The purchase had been rumored for weeks with an official announcement hitting the press at the end of April. Burton stated; “In… Read More

Confirmed: Global Online Lender Kabbage Will Aquire Fintech Pioneer Orchard

Kabbage, Inc., a global financial services, technology and data platform serving small businesses, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of Orchard, a pioneer in developing technology and analytics for online lending and financial services. The acquisition will allow… Read More

Report: Kabbage May Acquire Orchard

Orchard Platform is being sold. This is according to a report in Bloomberg that cites individuals aware of the details regarding the pending transaction. Orchard is currently partnering with Bloomberg on online lending data. Kabbage is a leading online lender that has targeted the SME… Read More

Orchard Reports Originations Dropped in Q3, Down 21% from Q2 Volume

Orchard has published its quarterly report on loan originations for the online lending industry. According to their numbers, origination volumes continued to drop in Q3 from Q2 2016.  The decline was significant too – decreasing by 21% in Q3 and down 50% from the peak… Read More

David Snitkof of Orchard Shares Unique Insight into Online Lending Market Dynamics

Orchard Marketplace is a platform that is uniquely positioned at the intersection of institutional money and online lending. If you are a large investor you are using Orchard to manage and access loans on all marketplace lending platforms. This perspective means that Orchard can easily… Read More

Orchard is Getting Bigger

Orchard Platform is growing. So much so they have leased a lot more Manhattan space. Announced this week, Orchard is upgrading from the 7,000 square foot office space at 101 Fifth Avenue, to a 26,242 square foot space by taking over two floors of 386… Read More

Will Citi Buy Lending Club Loans? What Does this Mean for the Marketplace Lending Industry?

Shares in Lending Club (NYSE:LC) jumped last week as chatter popped up in a report in WSJ.com that Citigroup may be purchasing, or perhaps providing financing, for their loans.  This is the second round of positive news as it was recently revealed that Chinese billionaire Tianqiao… Read More

Orchard: There are Two Sides to the Marketplace Lending Slowdown

    The first quarter of 2016 saw the US economy slip into a bit of a funk. Lingering questions regarding the sustainability of the economic recovery were buffeted by geopolitical tensions. The marketplace lending industry was in no way immune to the shifting winds… Read More

Whole Banking – Organic or Conventional?

  If you walk into any Whole Foods Market, you’ll see a stunning variety of produce — fruits and vegetables, meats and fish, bread and cheese — meticulously arranged, designed to inspire your appetite with their bounty. Look closely, and you’ll notice that some of… Read More

Orchard Publishes White Paper on Stress Testing of Marketplace Lending Platforms

Orchard Platform is holding a marketplace lending industry gathering today in New York City. The event is designed to help the industry scale and desires to be a positive catalyst in the evolution of online lending. Best practices, knowledge sharing and regulatory risk are key… Read More

Orchard Works to Shape the Future of Marketplace Lending with Partner Forum

Orchard Platform will be holding its first Partner Forum designed to help shape the future of marketplace lending.  The inaugural event will involve Orchard executives alongside industry executives such as Noah Breslow of OnDeck, Ron Suber of Prosper and Tom Glocer of Angelic Ventures. According… Read More

Temporary Jitter or Trouble Ahead? Orchard Says 2016 is Different for Marketplace Lending

Orchard platform, the company at the epicenter of marketplace lending, has published a thought-provoking missive that makes one wonder about the state of the economy.  David Snitkof, co-founder and data guru at Orchard, states that after only 6 weeks in – 2016 is a very… Read More

Fintech Moved Mainstream: Reflections on 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, here are some highlights from WWF, the wonderful world of fintech. And what a year it’s been!  At the close of last year, the world watched Lending Club’s astounding IPO. By this November, the firm surpassed $13B from borrowers since its 2006 launch. During… Read More

Orchard Shares “Most Interesting” Charts of 2015

Orchard platform has published a recap of 2015 but has done this in a visual fashion. Yes, Orchard loves the data and associated charts. But then a picture can be worth a thousand words.  Co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer of Orchard, David Snitkof, has used… Read More

Orchard on Marketplace Lending: This is the Tip of the Iceberg

One of the interesting (and helpful) aspects of marketplace lending is the volume of data that is made readily available. Many direct lenders are noted for their exceptional transparency with more than a few publishing data on their loans including default rates.  Orchard, the company… Read More

The Orchard Marketplace Lending Universe Expands

  Orchard describes its beginning as a small circle of friends, driven by the same interests, with a desire to make a difference in the alternative lending space.  But what was once a bit of a hobby is now a pretty enormous and incredible business. I… Read More

Lending Club’s Approval Rate for Loans Has Declined While Volume Has Increased

The correlation between risk and reward is an important relationship for all asset classes. The popularity of marketplace lending has been driven by the solid returns generated at a perceived lower level of risk.  Lending Club, the largest peer to peer lender in the United States, has… Read More

Orchard Forms Partnership with Kabbage Channeling Institutional Money to Loans

Orchard, the company that added rocket fuel to peer to peer lending platforms like Lending Club and Prosper, has announced a new partnership with Atlanta based Kabbage a provider of consumers and small business loans. Kabbage just announced earlier this week a licensing agreement with… Read More

Bond Street Co-Founder & CEO David Haber Aims to Be the Financial Advocate for Every Business Owner

  David Haber is the co-founder, CEO and visionary behind Bond Street, an online lender that empowers small businesses by providing financing in a simple, transparent and fair way. Haber leads Bond Street’s overall company vision, strategy, fundraising and business development functions. Through Bond Street, Haber aims to… Read More

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