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Chinese Taskforce Cracks Down Illegal Crowdfunding Campaigns

While entrepreneurs all over the world continue to use crowdfunding as a source to raise funds, the use of it in China has drawn some concerns. While it is known as the “online investment phenomenon” fundraising option has grown so quickly, that it is starting… Read More

Chinese Crowdfunding Site FundingDream Preps for Launch

China has a new entrant in the crowdfunding world. FundingDream, now in public beta, is prepping for launch to join several other Asian crowdfunding platforms targeting the enormous market of mainland China.  The site lists offerings in both Chinese and English to support a wider… Read More

Asian Startups Tap On Crowdfunding For Capital

SINGAPORE: Asia-focused private equity raised roughly US$30 billion in 2011 according to a report last year by Private Equity International. However, with more than half of that goes into China and India, startups in the rest of Asia are left with fewer funding options. According… Read More

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