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InvestEngine, a Platform Partnering ETFs with Investing Techniques, Secures £1.3M+ via Crowdcube

InvestEngine, a platform that partners ETFs with investing techniques— giving users the skills & technology needed to grow their wealth, has raised 104% (£1,306,813) of its £1,250,000 fundraising target via Crowdcube from 378 investors (at the time of writing) with 20 days left in the… Read More

Consilience, an SaaS Provider Enabling Tokenization of Real Assets, Acquires £319,235 via Seedrs

Consilience, a Private market SaaS provider enabling tokenization of Real Assets making private equity easy to access, has raised 79% (£319,235) of its £400,002 target from 44 investors (at the time of writing) via Seedrs with 28 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign. Located… Read More

Fintech Brex CEO Is Reportedly Planning to Secure $1B+ to Provide Loans to Firms Affected by Silicon Valley Bank Demise

A Fintech firm’s Chief Executive Officer is reportedly attempting to secure over $1 billion in order to fund bridge loans for startups that have been affected by the spectacular collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). Fintech Unicorn Brex CEO Henrique Dubugras recently revealed that he’s… Read More

lettingaproperty Secures £900,284 from 291 Investors via Seedrs

lettingaproperty.com says it’s on a mission “to become the go-to destination for renting.” The firm has raised 105% of its £850,003 target via Seedrs at the time of writing. As noted in the update, the offer is set to be closing soon.  At present, £900,284… Read More

Fundraising Report: Regulation, Denominator Effect to Impact Fund Managers’ Abilities to Grow Asset Base

When the Tide Goes Out, could have long-term implications for private markets, according to a recent update from Pitchbook. A report from Pitchbook notes that asset growth from fund performance and future fundraising are the two most important variables in their estimates, and they are… Read More

Artificial Intelligence: Robin AI Secures $10.5M to Scale ‘Lawyer-in-the-Loop’ Model

The team at Robin Ai are pleased to announce that they have secured $10.5m in our Series A funding round. This capital from the investment round will be ‘used to accelerate and scale their mission to change the way the legal industry works by using… Read More

Circles.house, a Developer of Homes for Entrepreneurs, Acquires €206,810 via Crowdcube

Circles.house has secured 137% (€206,810) of its €150,000 fundraising target from 291 investors via Crowdcube at the time of writing. This convertible offer from Spain ends today (February 28, 2023). As explained in the update, rather than investing and immediately receiving shares, in this round… Read More

Coinmetro Acquires Ignium, a Blockchain-native Fundraising Platform for SMEs

The team at Coinmetro has announced that their firm has acquired Ignium.io, a blockchain-native fundraising platform for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), for EUR 4 mil.” Ignium was “created to address the pressing issue of 60 million small businesses world-wide lacking optimum financial services.” The… Read More

Opportunity International Raises Capital to Help Provide Financial Assistance to People Living in Poverty

Opportunity International, a global nonprofit, today announced the successful completion of its three-year Waymaker Campaign, “raising $101 million of philanthropic capital that will leverage over $1 billion in social impact funding from local banks and financial institutions to provide loans, investments and wraparound services to… Read More

XeroE, which Leverages Science-based Software to Support Emission-Free Deliveries, Raises £256K+ via Seedrs

XeroE, which provides emission-free deliveries, using their science-based software for impact-driven businesses, has acquired 56% (£256,076) of its £450,004 target from 86 investors (at the time of writing) through the firm’s crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Seedrs. Located in London, XeroE operates in the Automotive… Read More

Student Rents, a SaaS Platform for Renters, Secures £464K+ via Crowdcube

Student Rents,  an SaaS rental platform, allowing agents “to advertise properties, students to find them and both to manage tenancies,” has raised 116% (£464,084.10) of its £400,000 target from 157 investors (at the time of writing) via Crowdcube with 4 days left in the firm’s… Read More

TapTop, an “American Express with Cryptocurrency,” Raises £85K+ via Seedrs

TapTop, which is reportedly led by ex-Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse & PayPal, and is aiming to build “an American Express with cryptocurrency,” has raised 106% (£85,143) of its£80,003 target from 96 investors (at the time of writing) with 9 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign,… Read More

iKVA, an AI Knowledge Management Firm, Secures £441,800 via Crowdcube

iKVA (formerly Kvasir), an AI knowledge management company which seeks to enable businesses to make better decisions, has secured 64% (£441,800) of its £680,000 target (at the time of writing) from 178 investors with 8 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign, carried out via… Read More

Fagura, which Aims to Build a Digital Banking Platform, Acquires €745,319 via Seedrs

Fagura, which aims to build the first digital bank in CEE “for anyone to borrow, invest and transfer money easily,” has secured 186% (€747,076) of its €400,006 target (at the time of writing) via Seedrs from 268 investors, with the crowdfunding campaign closing soon. Located… Read More

CEPRES to Address Challenges for LPs, GPs in Private Equity Fundraising

CEPRES, which claims to be the leader in private market data and investment technology,  announced new solutions to better handle today’s challenges in private market fundraising for both limited partners (LPs) and general partners (GPs). CEPRES Fund Screener, part of the CEPRES Due Diligence suite,… Read More

Imployable, an App Supporting an Employment Ecosystem, Acquires £150K+ via Crowdcube

Imployable, which claims to be a unique, award winning app that’s at the “heart” of an employment ecosystem, has secured 60% (£150,141.81) of its £250,000 target (with 7 days in the sale, at the time of writing) from 112 investors via Crowdcube. Imployable is a… Read More

Financial Services Platform T8 Secures £3.3M+ via Seedrs

T8, a financial services and lifestyle platform built for the global mass affluent, has raised  237% (£3,322,350) of its £1,400,000 target (with 3 days left in the sale, at the time of writing) from 238 investors via its crowdfunding campaign, carried out through Seedrs. Located… Read More

Credit, Real Estate Attracted More Interest As Market Conditions Worsened for Equity Investing: Pitchbook Report

As conditions continue to tighten, the public alternative asset managers “remain optimistic and feel their respective firms are in a good position to take advantage of opportunities that will present themselves over the next several quarters,” according to an update from Pitchbook. The Pitchbook report… Read More

Salary-Streaming Platform Nine25 Secures AUD 2.25M via Crowdfunding Round

Salary streaming and budgeting platform, Nine25 recently announced the launch of its capital raise with Equitise, kicking off a $2.55 million raise as demand steadily increases from investors. Unlike other so-called “budgeting” platforms which say that they budget by creating dashboards and reporting, Nine25 notes… Read More

Awaken Intelligence, an AI enhanced Software Developer, Raises £681K+ via Crowdcube

Awaken Intelligence, an AI or artificial intelligence-enhanced software, which helps contact centers to improve call time & customer satisfaction, analyzing conversations in 38 languages, has secured 123% (£681,501.18) of its £550,000 fundraising target from 190 investors with 1 day left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign… Read More

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