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House Capital Markets Subcommittee Hearing Looks to Expand Definition of an Accredited Investor

This morning, the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, part of the House Financial Services Committee, held a hearing on the definition of an accredited investor. This definition is utilized to determine who may participate in certain private securities offerings, mostly Reg D 506c/b. Broadly, the definition… Read More

Steven L. Schwarcz, Professor of Law and Business at Duke University, Shares Insights on NFTs, Tokenization

Steven L. Schwarcz, a Stanley A. Star Distinguished Professor of Law & Business at Duke University School of Law, notes that in the paper, titled Next-Generation Securitization: NFTs, Tokenization, and the Monetization of ‘Things’ (forthcoming in the Boston University Law Review), he has looked at the surge… Read More

Netherlands based Fintech Kinder Aims to Disrupt Complex Nature of Charitable Giving by Offering “Smart” Donation Tools

Amsterdam based Fintech firm Kinder has reportedly secured €500,000 in funding and may be planning to make an official announcement soon, according to Silicon Canals. The Fintech company could have raised more capital, however, some investors may have held back due to the economic challenges… Read More

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