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US CFTC Commissioner Says it is Time for a Regulatory Sanbox, Calls for Digital Asset Pilot

At a speech delivered to the pro-market Cato Institute, CFTC Commissioner Caroline Pham has called for a Regulatory Sandbox. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) pioneered the Sandbox concept. The approach was to allow innovative Fintech firms to test products and services under the watchful… Read More

Exploring the Risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies – Washington, DC / Virtual

An in-person and live-streamed Cato policy forum titled “Exploring the Risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies” on Thursday, March 9 from 1-2 pm EST. The Cato Institute is pleased to welcome Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN) to provide an opening address as the first member of… Read More

House Capital Markets Subcommittee Hearing Looks to Expand Definition of an Accredited Investor

This morning, the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, part of the House Financial Services Committee, held a hearing on the definition of an accredited investor. This definition is utilized to determine who may participate in certain private securities offerings, mostly Reg D 506c/b. Broadly, the definition… Read More

Regulation by Op-Ed: Cato Criticizes Chair Genslers Regulatory Musings on Crypto Regulation

Several days ago, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler took to the pages of WSJ.com to reflect on crypto markets and regulations. This has been a hot topic for several years now as clear-cut rules by regulators still don’t quite exist. Chair Gensler is of the opinion… Read More

New Technology and Old Rules: Constructing a Crypto Regulatory Framework – Virtual

Cryptocurrency regulation sits at the intersection of multiple regulatory regimes: financial markets regulators and banking regulators, among many others, have asserted authority over certain aspects of crypto regulation, which has resulted in an overlapping and incomplete regulatory framework that has drawn criticism from both proponents… Read More

House Financial Services Committee: Game Stopped Part II Scheduled for March 17th

The US House Committee on Financial Services will revisit the GameStop/Reddit/Robinhood fiasco once again in mid-March. The Committee distributed an email last night indicating that a virtual hearing will take place on March 17th, at 12 noon, entitled, “Game Stopped? Who Wins and Loses When… Read More

Gamestop – Robinhood Testimony Out as House Committee on Financial Services Preps for First of Three Hearings


The House Committee on Financial Services will hold the first of three hearings on the Gamestop – Robinhood saga that saw hedge fund short sellers compelled to sell positions in a short squeeze driven by collaborative trading that was organized on Reddit. Entitled, “Game Stopped?… Read More

Ripple Support: Cato Director of Financial Regulation Studies Slams Regulation by Enforcement Approach by SEC

Following the announcement of an enforcement action by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleging Ripple engaged in the sale of unregistered securities pertaining to XRP, Ripple has countered and executives have publicly countered the claims. Meanwhile, the lawsuit has caused several digital asset exchanges… Read More

Cato’s Director of Financial Regulation Studies Comments on SEC’s Exempt Ecosystem Update: A Welcome Step to Streamline the Exceedingly Complex Capital Raising Rules

As previously reported, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has updated the exempt offering ecosystem – changes that impact online capital formation including Reg CF and Reg A+. The amendments published the SEC include funding cap increases to both the aforementioned exemptions while additional updates,… Read More

No Shortcut to Trust: Economist Arnold Kling Joins Chorus of Blockchain Naysayers

Don't Say the B Word Blockchain

Arnold Kling, an economist and adjunct scholar at the Libertarian think tank The Cato Institute, has blogged his reflections on a recent interview with blockchain proponents and tech VCs Andreessen-Horowitz (A-H). Like A-H, Kling was around during the Internet’s nascent phase and made money from… Read More

CryptoMom: SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Talks Crypto, Cautions that Regulators Can be Too Risk Averse thus Undermining Fintech Innovation

Securities and Exchange Commissioner (SEC) Hester Peirce delivered a speech at the Cato Fintech event in SF this week tackling an important topic: That of regulators (and policymakers in general) being too risk averse. This is a truism in policy. We elect, or appoint, public… Read More

Capital Unbound; Piwowar Suggests Regulators Need Restraining & Crowdfunding Should Look to States

A CATO Institute event on the status of capital markets in the US provided a bright spot to an otherwise bleak and rainy day in New York City. Amidst the libertarian rhetoric and literature, two speakers stood out with certain observations and proposed remedies to… Read More

How Do You Create a Robust Secondary Market for SMEs? Watch this Video to Find Out

The subject of venture exchanges, or secondary markets for small cap companies, is a hot topic right now.  Sparked in part by the signing of the JOBS Act, and the new securities exemptions now coming into play, investing in SMEs is better for everyone if… Read More

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