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Dash Teams Up With IQ CashNow to be Accepted to More than 1,000 New Merchants & Over 250 ATMs

Digital currency for payments and e-commerce platform Dash announced on Thursday it is now accepted at over 1,000 new merchants and more than 250 ATMs through its partnership with IQ CashNow, a full-service provider specializing in cryptocurrency ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) terminals and e-commerce websites. Dash… Read More

Change Heroes & Free The Children Team Up to Create a Movement; Raising Funds to Holistically Develop Sustainable Communities in Ecuador

International educational partner Free the Children, and Vancouver-based social enterprise, Change Heroes, have teamed up in an effort to create change in a revolutionary way, with an unprecedented online funding platform. Deep in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador, there is a small, remote, indigenous community called Mondaña, which… Read More

$1.8 Billion Crowdfunding Campaign Launched on Indiegogo to Stop Drilling in Ecuador Rain Forest

In a flexible funding campaign on Indiegogo, Environmental group No Drill Ecuador a huge fundraising effort to crowdfund $1.8 Billion in an effort to  halt oil drilling in the Amazon rain forest located in Ecuador.  More PR campaign than realistic crowdfunding project, the initiative was… Read More

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