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Worldcoin Investment in Argentina Reportedly Increases as Initiative Announces Expansion of Services

In Argentina, Worldcoin contributors have been working hard to increase access to important AI tools like World ID, a private digital passport that differentiates humans from bots online. Now, the project is poised to grow in Argentina, “resulting in significant direct investment in the country.”… Read More

World ID Holders in Spain Reportedly Support Worldcoin Return

A survey of more than 21,000 people in Spain, the “first of its kind” to give a voice to Worldcoin users, shows just how “important” digital proof of humanness has “become in the country—and the extent to which people recognize the value provided by World… Read More

Latin America: Worldcoin Introduces World ID Verification in Colombia

World ID orb verifications are now available in the Colombian cities of Bogotá and Medellín. A central component of Worldcoin, World ID is “a digital humanness passport that enables individuals to securely prove they are a unique human for a growing number of applications.” You must… Read More

Worldcoin Shares Response to Venture Being Blocked in Spain

Sam Altman’s crypto-related initiative Worldcoin has reportedly been told by authorities in Spain to stop collecting and using consumers’ personal data. Spain‘s data protection regulator, AEPD, has reportedly banned Worldcoin for as many as three months in a key decision that the organization states is… Read More

Worldcoin and FWB, a Social Network DAO, to Explore What It Means to be Human in AI Age

Worldcoin claims that it was created to help build a more human internet and a more inclusive digital economy. That ethos aligns with the founding principles of Friends With Benefits (FWB), a new kind of social network DAO working with creatives and builders “to platform… Read More

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