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WorldCoin Crypto Initiative Reports Surge in Daily Active Users, Project Devs Introduce New Features

In response to a surge in monthly active users from around the world, TFH has begun rolling out a new World App update that allows users “to customize their experience with multiple languages and local currencies.” Starting in November, World App will be “available in… Read More

Worldcoin Update to Help Create Bridge for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Compatible Chain

Contributing Worldcoin developers recently updated the project’s state bridges to use a new architecture that saves gas and enables anyone to easily “create a bridge for any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chain.” With the revised architecture, teams can now “develop and operate their own… Read More

Latin America: Consumers in Chile Are Verifying their World ID as Worldcoin Project Continues to Expand Globally

Over 200,000 consumers have reportedly verified their World ID in Chile as demand for the privacy-preserving digital identity protocol continues to grow following the Worldcoin project launch in July. In a country with approximately 19.5M residents, that’s “over 1% of the population.” In order to… Read More

Crypto VC Investments Shift Towards Infrastructure Development, Move Away from Speculative NFTs, Metaverse Projects: Report

For VCs, the negative impact of Bitcoin’s (BTC) disappointing 2022 run has had long-term adverse effects on the larger crypto and blockchain ecosystem. Although the flagship cryptocurrency has recovered to some extent, surging around 55% during 2023, investments in crypto-related startups have declined for the… Read More

Worldcoin Crypto Initiative Is Being Scrutinized by Regulators in Several Jurisdictions

Growing numbers of world governments are beginning to scrutinize the services provided by Worldcoin, which is described as a crypto-related initiative that’s co-founded by OpenAI Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman that was officially launched in July of this year. Nearly 2.3 million consumers throughout the… Read More

WorldCoin Reaches Key Milestone in Argentina Amidst Probe of Crypto Platform’s Operations

Argentina is regarded as one of the world’s “leading” countries for innovation and crypto adoption, according to an update shared by WorldCoin. That reputation was reinforced in August, “as demand for World ID in Argentina drove a new single day record for Orb verifications.” This,… Read More

Worldcoin (WLD) Crypto Token Now Available via Matrixport, a Digital Asset Platform

Worldcoin is described as “an open-source digital identification platform that aims to provide a solution for everyone to verify their human identity and differentiate themselves from AI in the digital space.” As noted in a blog post by Matrixport, the Worldcoin ecosystem reportedly “comprises three… Read More

Worldcoin Crypto Initiative Suspended by Authorities in Kenya Due to Consumer Privacy-related Concerns

Kenya’s interior ministry revealed on Wednesday (August 2, 2023) that it would be suspending the local activities of the crypto-related initiative Worldcoin as the nation’s authorities assess various risks to the public’s general safety. The initiative established by OpenAI Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman was… Read More

France’s Privacy Watchdog Says Legality of Worldcoin’s Biometric Data Collection Process Is Questionable

France’s privacy-focused watchdog CNIL stated on Friday (July 28, 2023) that it is well aware of ChatGPT-founder Sam Altman‘s Worldcoin initiative and that the legality of its biometric data collection process appears to “questionable.” Worldcoin, which was officially introduced on Monday, requires clients to offer… Read More

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