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Chargebacks911 Says that FTC’s “Click to Cancel” Rule May Reduce First-Party Fraud

Chargebacks911 and Fi911, the global firm focused on chargeback management technology, has reaffirmed its support of continued discussion “around strategies to reduce the likelihood of friendly fraud, such as the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) proposed ‘click-to-cancel’ provision to its 1973 Negative Option Rule.” The provision… Read More

Bank of America, Apple Execs Join Chargebacks911 to Support Business Expansion Efforts

Chargebacks911 and Fi911, the firm focused on chargeback management technology, announced the appointment of payments industry professionals Guy Harris as its Chairman of the board, and Eric M. Hoffman as President of Interbank Solutions and board member. The two experienced and well-connected payments professionals, “who… Read More

Dispute Tech Specialist Chargebacks911 Appoints Brad Dillahunty as EVP

Dispute tech specialist, Chargebacks911, reveals that it has appointed technology management professional, Brad Dillahunty, as EVP and Chief Product Officer at Chargebacks911 and sister brand Fi911. Brad will be responsible for driving the firms’ international product development and strengthen operational structures “at a time of… Read More

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