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2018: Invesdor Rakes in Nearly €23M from Public & Private Rounds

Finland-based online investment platform Invesdor operates and connects European growth companies with investors worldwide. Since launching six years ago, Invesdor has helped raise more than €63 million for more than 130 businesses.  How did the platform fare last year? This morning Invesdor Co-Founder and CEO… Read More

European Financial Group Nordea Announces New Collaboration With Invesdor

On Wednesday, European financial group Nordea announced it has formed a partnership with Invesdor to improve the availability of alternative financing solutions for Finnish growth companies. According to the duo, the market for digital financing services has grown in the Nordic countries in the past few… Read More

Overfunding: Finnish Clean Energy Company Wello Surpasses €1 Million Funding Target on Invesdor

Wello, a Finnish clean energy company that provides a wave energy based solution called the Wello Penguin, has successfully secured its minimum €1 million funding target on equity crowdfunding platform Invesdor thanks to more than 275 investors. As previously reported, Wello, which was founded by Heikki Paakkinen, stated it… Read More

Finnish Clean Energy Company Wello Now Seeking €1 Million Through Invesdor

Wello, a Finnish clean energy company that provides a wave energy based solution called the Wello Penguin, is now looking to raise a minimum of €1 million (max of €2 million) through its equity crowdfunding round on Invesdor. Founded by Heikki Paakkinen, Wello revealed that with commitment… Read More

Tubecon Launches Invesdor Funding Round: Seeks €375,000 For International Expansion

The owner of the Tubecon events, Tubecon Oy, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Invesdor to raised €375,000 to support its growth targets. The company reports that it aims, through the crowdfunding campaign, to increase resources for expanding and internationalizing its operations. While sharing… Read More

Home Fitness Equipment Brand FitWood to Finish Invesdor Funding Round With More Than €100,000 in Funds

With its equity crowdfunding campaign on Invesdor set to close later this evening, Finnish home fitness equipment manufacturer, FitWood, has successfully secured more than €100,000 from nearly 20 investors so far. As previously reported, the company explained it makes home fitness equipment that is both easy to… Read More

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