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Fitch: Confidence in Marketplace Lending ABS Gets Hammered

The marketplace lending industry is getting hammered of late.  The after-shock reverberations following the resignation of Lending Club co-founder and CEO Renaud Laplanche continues to be a hot topic of conversation. Today, Fitch has come out with a report stating “investor confidence in marketplace lending… Read More

Fitch Tells Community Banks There are Risks & Opportunities in Partnering with Peer to Peer Lenders

Global financial rating agency Fitch has shared its $0.02 on the recently announced partnership of 200 community banks with Lending Club noting the agreement may introduce new risk to the small banks.  Fitch qualifies this statement by adding there may also be an opportunity present… Read More

Fitch: P2P Lending Could Be Disruptive Force for Banking Industry

Fitch Ratings director Brendan Sheehy addresses the emerging peer to peer (P2P) lending industry in a brief video presentation.  Sheehy, believes that P2P lending could be a disruptive force within the banking industry – just like so many others. He notes that since 2009, P2P… Read More

Fitch Believes Banks Could Feel Disruptive Pressures from P2P Lenders

Fitch Ratings has acknowledged the growing importance of peer to peer lending  companies in statement that P2P lending success is dependent on borrower credit. This past July, S&P and DBRS assigned a landmark rating on the senior portion of a $270 million P2P deal from SoFi…. Read More

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