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Dealstruck Restructures: CEO Addresses Shut Down Rumors

Just a little over two years after reportedly shutting down its online lending operations, DealStruck has emerged restructured after the lender’s platform was acquired by what it claims to be a group of fintech experts. According to DealStruck, the restructure will it to expand its mission… Read More

Why is Finance for Small Business Still Broken?

Having just returned to the United States after six months of travel abroad, I feel generally disillusioned.  At first, I couldn’t tell if my discontent arose from the heartbreaking presidential election results; or the fact that I ended up in a new city with a… Read More

Report: DealStruck Shuts Down Operations [u]

SME online lender DealStruck has reportedly shut down operations.  An industry insider has told Crowdfund Insider the online lender closed shop yesterday. We have also heard that most all employees have departed the platform.  The action was taken just as an 11th hour acquisition by… Read More

Cash vs. Accrual Accounting:  What you need to know when applying for a loan

In the U.S., there are accounting standards known as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  They are the accounting standards used for all businesses in this country and provide principles for the two types of accounting used; cash and accrual accounting.  The difference between the two… Read More

5 Tips to Getting a Loan for Your Small Business

Securing the right financing for your small business is likely to be one of the biggest and most complicated financial transactions you’ll make in your professional life. Though a bit of a daunting task, it is typically worth the effort for small business owners who… Read More

6 Crucial Questions Retailers Should Ask Before Choosing a Business Lender

As a business owner in the modern era, you are likely well acquainted with the Internet.  You may use it for paying bills, staying in touch, and bragging about those cute babies in your life.  So why not tap into that computer prowess when getting… Read More

I Have a Tax Lien—Does That Mean I Can’t Get a Loan?

This time of year, taxes are top of mind for consumers and business owners alike, but few people like to think about tax liens.  Tax liens are serious business and can have a significant impact on your credit and ability to secure financing.  Since eCommerce… Read More

The Fed Didn’t Hike Rates -Yet.  The Top 3 Reasons It Matters to Small Business Owners

Well, the Federal Reserve has spoken again and though we are all listening, sometimes it’s hard to tell what all those carefully crafted paragraphs actually mean.  So here’s a quick snapshot of the top three things that you, as a small business owner, should know…. Read More

Will the Federal Reserve Raise Rates? And What Does this Mean for Small Business?

The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) convenes today to discuss and determine if interest rates need to rise. Recent geopolitical realities, such as the ECB going all in as growth sputters, have pushed most Fed watchers into the camp that rising rates are on… Read More

DealStruck Expands Invoice Financing Option

Direct lender DealStruck has increased the amount of money available for companies seeking invoice financing. The online lending platform will now offer up to $500,000 secured by outstanding invoices.  Previously the online lender capped the amount at $250,000. DealStruck described the service as targeting B2B… Read More

Dealstruck’s New Survey Reveals: Small Business Owners Are Responsible with Their Tax Refund

With tax time upon us and the corporate filing deadline (March 15) looming, Dealstruck, Inc., a leading small business online lender, announced its recent survey of more than 500 business owners nationwide indicated that instead of taking a trip to Vegas, company owners are taking… Read More

Access to Capital: What are the Options for Small Company Finance?

Small business is extremely important for the economy. This is not just a US or UK issue, it is a global phenomenon. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the drivers of economic growth, job creation and thus wealth. Fostering an ecosystem that facilitates access to… Read More

The Top Three Tips for Avoiding a Payroll Crunch

I was recently asked, “What should a small business owner in a major cash crunch do to make payroll?”  Well, honestly, my first response was to say, “Try to not get to that point in the first place.”  As the old saying goes, an ounce… Read More

Woman-Owned Businesses Growing But Still Not Equal

A common theme in business and finance circles is that women are underrepresented, less capitalized, and face an uphill battle when it comes to building and financing their small businesses.  While the statistics may bear this out to some degree, the women-owned business horizon is… Read More

Financing Growth as an Amazon Marketplace Seller

I just returned from the Prosper Show in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is a two-day continuing education event for more than 700 Amazon sellers, focused primarily on education, rather than sales.  Using moderated panels of competitors, the event is focused on key business practices… Read More

Dealstruck Survey: 76% of SMEs Report Being Stable but 57% are Concerned About Weaker Economy

In the midst of a market in turmoil and a presidential election cycle where economic polemics are at an all time high, Dealstruck, an SME direct lender, has released a report they compiled using Survey Monkey (+/-5% error).  According to their survey; 76% of small… Read More

Dealstruck Success CAUTION: Brewing Co. Expands Business By Opening New Location

On Wednesday, Dealstruck announced one of its customers, Colorado-based CAUTION: Brewing Co., finalized a second location called CAUTION: West. The marketplace leader revealed that since the sale of its first beer in 2011, CAUTION: has experienced marked revenue growth. Before launching the second location, the company received numerous… Read More

Robert Riedl of Dealstruck: We Look at the Fed Rate Increase as a Positive Sign (Video)

How will the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates impact small business? According to Robert Riedl of Dealstruck – it is all good. DealStruck is a marketplace lending platform that focuses on providing access to capital for SMEs. Dealstruck provides loans of up to… Read More

Quote 2 Fund Adds Signature to Small Business Borrower’s Bill of Rights, Committed to Guidelines

Quote 2 Fund announced that it has become a signatory to the Small Business Borrower’s Bill of Rights, a public commitment to ensure small business owners have access to funding that is both transparent and fair. By signing, Quote 2 Fund joins a coalition of industry… Read More

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