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Rooster Teeth, Huge Indiegogo Success, Acquired by Fullscreen

Rooster Teeth, a mini – media empire founded in 2003, has been acquired by Fullscreen; a digital media company that describes itself as the “first media company for the connected generation”. Rooster Teeth, is well known for the highly popular series “Red vs. Blue,” “Achievement… Read More

Making Money From YouTube: How Crowdfunding Can Fill The Gap

Imagine netting over a million YouTube views in a month and getting paid as little as $50 for that accomplishment. That is the reality Jack Conte, half of the music group Pomplamoose, spelled out in a recent interview with Upstart Business Journal. Pomplamoose has over… Read More

Brief: YouTube Crowdfunding Platform TubeStart Offers Google Analytics Integration

TubeStart recently announced the addition of Google Analytics functionality that will allow crowdfunders using their platform to track their campaign activity using one of the world’s most popular free analytics suites. You can track traffic to your campaign page, see where visitors are coming from,… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform for Video Creators “TubeStart” Partners with “Fullscreen”

With over 3 Billion Monthly views, 15,000 YouTube Channels, 200 Million Subscribers and 25,000 creators – Fullscreen is a YouTube network powerhouse.  Fullscreen has now announced multiple partnerships for their “Sign In With Fullscreen” feature which integrates an ecosystem of third party applications including the… Read More

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