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Smartglass Company GlassUp Seeks €250,000 on Tip Ventures

GlassUp is a company that raised money  on Indiegogo back in 2013. The flexible funding goal of $150,000 was not met but over 500 backers kicked in almost $128,000.  The product, a  set of smartglasses designed to compete with the Google product that has since gone… Read More

After Six Months, Mixed Sentiment On Crowdfunding In Italy

In June of 2013, we published a breakdown of equity crowdfunding in Europe. At the time, there was a lot of hype surrounding recent developments out of Italy, where the country’s regulatory body (CONSOB) was mulling over implementing rules for equity crowdfunding. It turns out… Read More

Seedrs Lists First Non UK Based Equity Offering: GlassUp

Modena, Italy based company GlassUp may claim the first non-UK listing on equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs.  The company is seeking to raise £100,000 for 7.69% equity in the tech company.  Pre-money valuation of GlassUp is posted at £1,200,390.   The company had previously completed a… Read More

Mailpile Successfully Funds on Indiegogo, Then PayPal Freezes Their Account

Mailpile Posts Update Account is Unfrozen … for Now. These shenanigans have happened in the past.  Skullgirl Studio – Lab Zero – experienced a PayPal freeze out in April 2013.  GlassUp experienced something similar just several weeks ago in August.  Now encrypted email developer Mailpile… Read More

UPDATED: PayPal Corrects Error With GlassUp Funding Via Indiegogo

UPDATE: PayPal has admitted an error was made with GlassUp’s account and has released the following statement clarifying the situation… We looked into what was happening with GlassUp and corrected the situation earlier today. GlassUp now has access to all of the funds that they’ve… Read More

5 Cool Tech Devices Crowdfunding Now

For those of you who covet tech below are some items you simply have to check out.   These 5 devices are crowdfunding now and each represents something unique or a new approach to making your life easier or simply more interesting.  If you want… Read More

Google Glass Alternative GlassUp Draws Backers, Legal Ire

GlassUp is a Google Glass competitor currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The device has drawn interest not only from 200+ campaign backers, but also Google’s legal team. In June 2012, Google filed trademark applications worldwide for “Glass,” as it pertains to computer hardware, computer peripherals, wearable… Read More

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