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Scottish Crowdfunding Report Says 1,263 Campaigns Raised £27 Million as Utilization Grows

Crowdfunding has grown dramatically in Scotland.  This is according to a report commissioned by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Harper Macleod, Santander and LendingCrowd. The report is an update of a previous study that was published in 2013. The actual research was handled by Twintangibles…. Read More

Five Crucial Things You Get, Apart from the Money, From #Crowdfunding

We asked for short, snappy, helpful video for Crowdfunding Week 2015 and the shortest, snappiest and most helpful of these (so far anyway) is from management consultant and  Crowdfunding expert Tim Wright of twintangibles. Here’s my summary of what he has to say: Crowdfunding is great… Read More

After Six Months, Mixed Sentiment On Crowdfunding In Italy

In June of 2013, we published a breakdown of equity crowdfunding in Europe. At the time, there was a lot of hype surrounding recent developments out of Italy, where the country’s regulatory body (CONSOB) was mulling over implementing rules for equity crowdfunding. It turns out… Read More

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