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Marshall Islands Promotes its SOV National Cryptocurrency Development Fund at UN Blockchain Summit in New York

Governing politicians in the Marshall Islands have issued a press release and video explaining their plans to develop, implement and sustain a “sovereign” national cryptocurrency (SOV) intended to, “…combat poverty and climate change” in the Pacific Island nation. The country’s current President, Hilda Heine, survived… Read More

Pro-Crypto President of Marshall Islands Survives No-Confidence Vote

By a margin of one vote, President Hilda Heine of the Marshall Islands retained her job on Monday following a no-confidence vote initiated by the opposition, Nikkei Asian Review reports. A tie of 16 for and 16 against deprived the opposition of the 17 votes… Read More

Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine Points Finger at China as Opponents Attempt to Oust Her Along with Her Sovereign Crypto Plan

Dr. Hilda Cathy Heine, President of the Marshall Islands, is taking some heat from her plan to convert the Marshall Island’s currency from the US dollar to their own cryptocurrency. The Blockchain based “SOV” currency was approved and signed into law back in February. The… Read More

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