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Homeware Company Kelly Hoppen London Seeks £1.1M on Crowdcube to Build Brand Awareness & Drive Sales Growth

The Board of Kelly Hoppen London launched a £1.1 million equity crowdfunding campaign through Crowdcube. Investors are being offered the opportunity to invest in the online affordable luxury homewares retail business that focuses on products conceived by Kelly Hoppen MBE, an award-winning English interior designer, author and businesswoman. Kelly… Read More

Colorado Votes Yes to Expand Crowdfunding

Colorado’s Senate today approved a bill that would make the state at least the 15th to create more straightforward regulations for residents who want to invest in Colorado companies through online intermediaries, noted the Associated Press. House Bill 1246, the Colorado Crowdfunding Act, would expand the pool of… Read More

A House on The Moon is Looking for Funding

The Moonhouse, the world’s first art project on the moon, is now set to receive an additional boost in the form of crowdfunding to launch the red house with white corners into space. The project will serve as a symbol for making space accessible to… Read More

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