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Crowdfunder UK’s “How to Crowdfund” Series Reveals the Importance of Communication

This week, Crowdfunder UK offered up two types of advice for the How to Crowdfund series. Recently, the reward-based crowdfunding platform revealed how important communication really is for campaigns. The Crowdfunder UK team declared in a blog post: “When you have done a good job on something,… Read More

Crowdfunder UK’s “How to Crowdfund” Series Continues With Advice on Getting Funded

On Monday, reward-based crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder UK unveiled a new How to Crowdfund series advice called “Getting Funded.” The Crowdfunder UK team stated: “Your team is still active in the background, you have honed your story so it sounds great, you’ve indentified your crowd and know… Read More

Crowdfunder UK’s How to Crowdfund Series Reveals: Creating Great Rewards

During the fifth week of its How to Crowdfund series, Crowdfunder UK unveiled the creating great rewards rules. The reward-based crowdfunding platform declared: “Rewards are benefits, products or services offered by the project. Examples of rewards are thank you tweets, events and experiences, products and mementoes of… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Continues “How to Crowdfund” Series With Step 3: Identifying Your Crowd

On Monday, Crowdfunder UK unveiled its newest tip from the How to Crowdfund series, “Identifying Your Crowd.” The website’s team shared: “Because you are pitching to your ‘crowd’, it is important to identify who your crowd is and how you are going to execute your… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Unveils Next Step in “How to Crowdfund” Series: “Telling Your Story”

Continuing its new 7-week How to Crowdfund series, crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder UK revealed the second step to using the funding method on Monday. The Crowdfunder UK team declared: “The most important part of the crowdfunding process, is that people need to understand your idea, why it means… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Offers Up Six Steps to Crowdfunding Success

  Ready to offer up key advice on using the crowdfunding method, crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder UK announced it is launching a 7-week feature known as How To Crowdfund. As part of the first installment, Crowdfunder UK shared six steps to crowdfunding success: “Crowdfunding is a way to… Read More

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