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Anchorage Digital to Use Bear Market in 2023 to Establish Secure Digital Asset Ecosystem

2022 has been a year “like no other—marked by market volatility for both crypto and traditional markets,” according to an update from Anchorage Digital. Anchorage Digital claims that it was “built for exactly this moment.” And within this volatility, they have “continued to grow and… Read More

Capchase CEO Miguel Fernandez Comments on How Startups Should Approach 2023

Miguel Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of Capchase has looked to the challenging year ahead and commented on some simple measures startups can take to build resilience: Fernandez notes that we’ve all seen the headlines. That tech is “bracing itself for a challenging year.” From gaming… Read More

Reg A+ Expert and Securities Attorney Sara Hanks: There are much better quality companies using Reg A now

Reg A+ is one of three exemptions created under the JOBS Act of 2012 that legalized online capital formation or securities crowdfunding. Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) initially allowed issuers to raise just $1.07 million (now $5 million), while Reg A+ allowed firms to raise up… Read More

Crowdcube Forms Partnership With G By Grant Thornton to Provide Businesses With Tools & Expertise Needed to Build High-Quality Campaigns

Equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube recently announced it has formed a partnership with G By Grant Thornton to provide businesses with the tools and expertise needed to build a high-quality funding initiative and ensure they stand out to the investing crowd. Crowdcube revealed that it and… Read More

Class in Session: Kickstarter’s Community Education Director Offers Up Advice on How to Excite Backers (Video)

On Monday, Kickstarter’s community education director, Stephanie Pereira, discuss the importance of attracting backers to campaigns during a new class on strategic storytelling.  The crowdfunding portal shared: “One of the best parts of working at Kickstarter is getting to talk to people about their ideas…. Read More

Seed&Spark Offers Up New Class: Crowdfunding to Build Independence (Video)

Seed&Spark, crowdfunding platform for independent films, recently announced its new class, Crowdfunding to Build Independence. The portal has taught this class at over 100 film festivals, schools and organizations around the U.S. The classes feature co-founders Emily Best and Erica Anderson.  The Seed&Spark team shared: “Crowdfunding to… Read More

Indiegogo: Here Are Ten Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Love Us!

With crowdfunding continuing to grow in popularity, Indiegogo has unveiled ten reasons why entrepreneurs are making their way to its funding portal. The global crowdfunding website shared: “The Indiegogo community has explored the potential of crowdfunding and helped shape our platform into what it is… Read More

Google’s Primer App & Indiegogo Presents: “How Crowdfunding Success Begins With an Email”

On Friday, crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced that it has teamed up with Google’s Primer App to present a “short lesson” on why email marketing is important for crowdfunding entrepreneurs. The funding portal declared: “Overall, we find that building momentum early can help set up a… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Opens Creator Community Space “Campus” For Everyone

On Wednesday, Kickstarter announced it was opening creator community space “Campus” for everyone. “Campus” was reportedly created a year ago  and allowed creators to connect with one another through the community to ask for advice and trade insights about the creative process. The crowdfunding giant… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Unveils Next Step in “How to Crowdfund” Series: “Telling Your Story”

Continuing its new 7-week How to Crowdfund series, crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder UK revealed the second step to using the funding method on Monday. The Crowdfunder UK team declared: “The most important part of the crowdfunding process, is that people need to understand your idea, why it means… Read More

Indiegogo Unveils Eight Insights from 22,000 Film Crowdfunding Campaigns (Infographic)

On Friday, Indiegogo released a new report on film crowdfunding that revealed eight insights from 22,000 campaigns. The global crowdfunding platform revealed in a recent blog post: “Indiegogo is an open platform, where all ideas get an equal shot at success. In an industry as… Read More

Indiegogo: “Here Are Four Things Every Campaigner Should Do a Month Before Campaign Launch”

Continuing its new crowdfunding series “Campaign Prep Calendar,” Indiegogo shared the four things that every organizer should do a month before a campaign launch. The global platform shared: “Creating a compelling, informative and engaging campaign will help your potential backers learn more about your idea and… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Reveals the First Step to Crowdfunding: Building a Team

Kicking off its new How to Crowdfund series, crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder UK revealed the first step to using the funding method. The Crowdfunder UK team stated: “Most of the actual exposure and building of a movement around the project should happen outside the crowdfunding platform before the… Read More

CrowdfunderUK’s Dawn Bebe: “Here’s Why UK Startups Need the ‘Funding Cocktail'”

This week, CrowdfunderUK’s co-founder and director of communications, Dawn Bebe, revealed why UK startup should consider going for a “funding cocktail.” Explaining what a “funding cocktail” really is, Bebe stated: “Increasingly businesses, charities and social enterprises are finding that combining funding solutions in a ‘cocktail’ is a… Read More

Kickbooster Launches Services That Pays Backers to Share Their Favorite Crowdfunding Campaigns

Kickbooster, a network for crowdfunding campaigns, has recently launched its services that pays campaign backers so share their favorite funding projects. According to Tech Crunch, Kickbooster users can share links to interesting campaigns, and receive a 10 percent referral fee when someone clicks their link and… Read More

Indiegogo Releases 7 Insights from 29,000 Tech Campaigns (Infographic)

On Thursday, Indiegogo unveiled its latest infographic, Technology Crowdfunding Stats: 7 Insights from 29,000 Campaigns The global crowdfunding platform stated: “Though crowdfunding can be used to raise money for nearly any type of idea or project, one of the most popular uses is to fund the… Read More

3 Tips For Your Crowdfunding Pitch To The Media

As you can guess, we receive a lot of media pitches for crowdfunding campaigns. I see certain patterns both in the way we’re pitched and the way I react to these pitches, and I think understanding these patterns can help any crowdfunder hone his or… Read More

Going Viral With Your Crowdfunding Campaign

A couple of years ago I saw some permutation of the formula for virality for the first time. Although it’s extremely simple, it had a profound effect on me. The act of garnering popularity on the Internet often feels like this shadowy black art. The spoils… Read More

3 Things to Do Right Now to Ensure the Success of Your Crowdfunding Campaign in the Future

Help People Get to Like You Prior to launching, I looked for wildly successful campaigns and studied them carefully.  In almost every case the Campaign Host was adored by some or many (and the size of that adoration directly related to the size of their funding)…. Read More

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