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Everyone Chip In, Please: Crowdfunding Sandy

Big-hearted Americans always rush to give money after a disaster. Just how much and how fast is often determined by technology. After the earthquake in Haiti, texting small donations, for example, became a new standard practice. This time around, Hurricane Sandy has shown crowdfunding websites… Read More

How New York’s Tech Scene Is Helping the City Rebuild

Each time the Empire City has been faced with a disaster — whether natural or otherwise — New Yorkers have shown remarkable resilience, rallying together to help affected communities, organizing food and clothing drives, opening their doors to friends and neighbors less fortunate and beginning… Read More

GoFundMe Hurricane Sandy Relief: $400,000 from 5,000 Donors in 8 Days (and counting)

$400,000 in donations from 5,000 people in just 8 days.  Crowdfunding portal GoFundMe continues to have a big impact on the lives of Hurricane Sandy victims.  Their dedicated Hurricane Sandy relief page has been busy. Some of the stories people are sharing are just heart… Read More

Crowdfunding Poised to Streamline Relief Donations After Major Disasters

  It is becoming clear that Hurricane Sandy has had an astonishing impact on the eastern seaboard of the US.  Dozens are dead.  New York officials estimate that up to 40,000 people were left homeless by the storm.  The FEMA trailers made famous in the… Read More

Deal Focus: Hurricane Sandy Relief

This deal focus is not really focusing on a single deal today. With the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy dominating the news, this catastrophe was too great to ignore. Unless you are in isolation you have seen the overwhelming photos of the damage the Hurricane has… Read More

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