GoFundMe Hurricane Sandy Relief: $400,000 from 5,000 Donors in 8 Days (and counting)

$400,000 in donations from 5,000 people in just 8 days.  Crowdfunding portal GoFundMe continues to have a big impact on the lives of Hurricane Sandy victims.  Their dedicated Hurricane Sandy relief page has been busy.

Some of the stories people are sharing are just heart wrenching.  Here is a selection of quotes:

From “Help Strauss Recover From Sandy…”


You all know Chris.

And you probably know Malik, his 13-year-old Golden Retriever.

On October 1, they moved into a lovely, light-filled, ground-floor apartment in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where Chris could work from home and Malik could play in the backyard (!).

On October 29, Hurricane Sandy hit New York, flooding the apartment with two and a half feet of water (polluted with gas and oil) and destroying ninety percent of Chris’ possessions. He threw away his bed, TV, leather chairs, pots and pans, plates, other kitchen equipment, laptop, side tables, desk, Malik’s bed, bookshelves, and shoes. Basically, only clothes (including his extensive collection of hooded sweatshirts, whew) survived. Malik, however, did lose her little Steelers jersey.

BUT, Chris thought, “I have renter’s insurance!”

BUT, the insurance company said, “We don’t cover floods!”

Which is why Chris’ friends put together this page: Will you please donate to help him refurnish his apartment?


From “Hurricane Sandy Victim…”


My name is Nicole Comello, and today we buried an awesome friend, but not only our friend, their son too! My girlfriend, Christine lost her husband, son, her home, everything she owned and her memories. Now is a time to come together and help!! Material things are replaceable, but family is not! We will help her no matter what!!!


In the midst of all the tragedy, there are also stories of the good this money is doing.  From “Alphabet City Rescue Mission: LOVE NYC…”


A big thanks goes out to Gus Harold, who lugged bags all over town with me today. And to Erika Ordonez, who spent the morning in the soup kitchen. And to Diane, who works at K-Mart and gave us 10% off … just to be awesome.

We dropped off dozens of blankets and jackets and socks. 50 hats, 50 scarves and 50 mittens. 50 Power bars, Clorox bleach, rubber gloves and can openers.
AND! We somehow managed to find 12 packages of D Batteries!
(If you live in Lower Manhattan right now, you know that finding a store with a D Battery is the equivalent of finding Narnia … in your shoe.)

Today, we spent roughly $900 for people in need. Oh, and we gave Diane at K-Mart a $200 gift card to give to her sister in New Jersey. Her sister lost everything in the storm, but we are working to make it better.


Crowdfunding has had a remarkable impact in the wake of this disaster.  Money may not replace lost loved ones or heirlooms, but I hope it helps to begin the healing process for these victims and their families.

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