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Digital Banking: Fintech Firm Oxygen Launches Payments Platform for Freelancers, Gig Economy Workers in the US

Oxygen, a digital banking platform focused on serving freelancers, gig economy workers, and SMEs, has introduced a virtual banking solution that has been built to offer flexible financial services to millions of US professionals who have multiple income streams, contract work, or freelance working arrangements…. Read More

The Gig Economy: Embedding Freelance Workers into Modern Lending Practices

Recent disruption in financial services has been driven by several factors – technologically savvy and connected customers, tighter government regulations, aggressive new Fintech market entrants and more. However, another potentially huge disruptor has been bubbling below the surface for several years now and is finally… Read More

Oxygen, a Digital Bank for the Gig Economy, Gets $2.3 Million in Funding

Oxygen, a digital-only bank targeting freelancers, has received $2.3 million in funding to boost their team and fuel growth.  Oxygen claims more than 13,000 bank accounts opened over the last several months, a single digit default rate and a 19% return on capital. Oxygen says… Read More

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