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iComplyICO Receives Angel Funding from MIT Fellow Praveen Mandal who Predicts Massive Increase in Security Tokens

Matthew Unger iComplyICO at VanFunding

iComplyICO, a Fintech startup based in Vancouver, is reporting it it has secured an angel investment from Praveen Mandal. iComplyICO simultaneously appointed Mandel to its advisory council. Mandal is an MIT Connection Science Fellow and a veteran of five successful formative stage start-ups including Pipal… Read More

iComplyICO Announces Former Director of Citigroup Alternative Investments Joins Advisory Board

Initial Coin Offering ICO

iComplyICO  or “iComply Investor Services Inc.”, a Regtech platform that seeks to automate compliance procedures for initial coin offerings (ICOs), has announced that William “Bill” Schumacher has joined its advisory council. Schumacher, now retired, spent over 30 years in the securities industry, 24 of which… Read More

Piotr Piasecki Joins iComplyICO, a Regtech Platform for Token Offerings

Piotr Piasecki

Regtech platform iComplyICO has hired Piotr Piasecki, known in the crypto world as “ThePiachu” to serve as its “decentralization manager.” Piasecki is a grey beard in the Bitcoin community having wrote a master’s thesis on Bitcoin security in 2012 in the Technical University of Lodz… Read More

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