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Pokemon Go Lovers: Indiegogo Shares Five Crowdfunded Projects For Catching Pokemon

With Pokemon Go continuing to be a huge success in the app world, global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo revealed five crowdfunded projects for those aspiring Pokemon trainers looking to catch em’ all. The funding portal shared: “Have you found yourself crawling under small spaces, running down… Read More

Kickstarter Quickly Pulls the Plug on Potato Salad Campaign Creator’s Latest “Jet Ski” Project

Last year, Zach “Danger” Brown, took Kickstarter by storm when he launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $10 so he could make… a potato salad. Although he quickly gained popularity for his salad project (and even used the funds for a big event in Columbus,… Read More

Crowdfunding Platforms Continue to Raise Millions of Dollars For Nepal Nearly 60 Days After Devastating Earthquake

Back in April, the country of Nepal was devastated by earthquake that killed more than 8,800 people and injured more than 23,000. This caused various organizations to spring into action and launch campaigns on crowdfunding platforms to help those in need. Now, nearly 60 days later, various… Read More

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