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Kickstarter Alum “Potato Salad” Organizer Fails to Quickly Gain Funding Momentum For “Jet Ski” Project on Indiegogo

Just a few days ago,  Zach “Danger” Brown, the guy behind Kickstarter success “Potato Salad,” announced that the famous crowdfunding platform quickly removed his new campaign, which is to help him get his very own jet ski. Brown returned to Kickstarter to secure funds to purchase… Read More

Kickstarter Quickly Pulls the Plug on Potato Salad Campaign Creator’s Latest “Jet Ski” Project

Last year, Zach “Danger” Brown, took Kickstarter by storm when he launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $10 so he could make… a potato salad. Although he quickly gained popularity for his salad project (and even used the funds for a big event in Columbus,… Read More

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