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SeedInvest Crowdfunding $1 Million On Their Own Platform For Series A

When you’re a prominent equity crowdfunding platform, how do you raise a Series A? You get a bunch of venture capital firms to hop into the round and open a portion of the raise to the crowd, which is precisely what SeedInvest has done. Better… Read More

SeedInvest Releases White Paper: “Living with New Reg D…”

Coinciding with the relaxation in general solicitation, or advertising  for certain private placements, equity crowdfunding platform SeedInvest has released a White Paper on the regulator change addressing the new playing field.  The document is titled “Living with the New Reg D and its impact on Demo… Read More

SeedInvest bridges angels, VCs, crowdfunding

Some have said that crowdfunding will somehow replace angel investors or venture capitalists. Ryan Feit doesn’t see it that way, and it’s not how SeedInvest, the New York City crowdfunding site he co-founded, is operating in its first few weeks. Instead, he told me, SeedInvest is partnering with… Read More

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