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Shark Tank Failure? See What The Show Did For The DoorBot’s Sales

Jamie Siminoff is the definition of “serial entrepreneur.” He has six startups to his name including a successfully funded (and eventually refunded) Kickstarter campaign. He launched a crowdfunding platform called Christie Street that is currently dormant, but before it went dormant he also crowdfunded a second product… Read More

DoorBot Turns Down Offer From Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary (Video)

Jamie Siminoff, inventor of the DoorBot and founder of crowdfunding platform Christie Street, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank over the weekend. In the end only one shark was interested in providing capital for Siminoff and his product, which is set to appear in Staples stores… Read More

BRIEF: Christie Street Alum DoorBot To Appear On ABC’s Shark Tank Tonight

Tonight at 9 PM, James Siminoff will pitch the DoorBot to the sharks on Shark Tank. The DoorBot was a pilot project of sorts for crowdfunding platform Christie Street, which Siminoff created after being frustrated by the shortcomings of other rewards-based sites for hardware projects…. Read More

As ChristieStreet Prepares Launch, Crowd Feedback Means An Improved DoorBot For Backers

On September 1, 2012, Jamie Siminoff closed a successful Kickstarter campaign for the POP Charging Station. The POP was to be a multifunctional charging station that could power multiple smart devices. 1,000 backers pledged just short of $140,000 to the campaign. At the time, he… Read More

Interview with Jamie Siminoff: The POP Charger, Apple, Kickstarter, and Christie Street

A couple of months ago, we covered a story that appeared straightforward enough at first but took an odd turn just a day or so later. When the story first gained traction in the media, it appeared as though Apple had hamstrung a Kickstarter project for a… Read More

Apple Adjusts Lightning Spec Following POP Kickstarter Complaint

As reported in CNet Apple reacted today to news of the imploding Kickstarter campaign by Edison Junior for their POP charger.  Yesterday Jamie Siminoff, CEO of Edison Junior and POP project lead, published a Kickstarter update informing their funders the project was being cancelled and all… Read More

Christie Street Launches Crowdfunding Portal for Product Designers

The crowdfunding platforms that make the most noise (see: Kickstarter) are becoming more and more reluctant to accept product-focused offerings (see: KickstarterReject.com) for a variety of reasons: patent concerns, fulfillment concerns, liability concerns and the list goes on and on.  Are their concerns valid?  Debatable,… Read More

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