Interview with Jamie Siminoff: The POP Charger, Apple, Kickstarter, and Christie Street

christiestreetA couple of months ago, we covered a story that appeared straightforward enough at first but took an odd turn just a day or so later. When the story first gained traction in the media, it appeared as though Apple had hamstrung a Kickstarter project for a mobile charging device called the POP Charger. The item was supposed to be a charging station for every mobile device under the sun, but Apple apparently hadn’t played nice and refused to license its new Lightning connector to the group.

Effectively, without the ability to offer charging capabilities to users of the latest iPhone (not to mention future iPhones), the project would fail to live up to its billing. Faced with a bad situation, the project’s leader, Jamie Siminoff, decided to pull the plug on the POP Charger and refund his backer’s money, which amounted to about $139,000.

The problem was that Kickstarter didn’t have a way to process those refunds. Siminoff, it seemed, was undeterred and promised to make it happen by launching his own site called Christie Street that would be able to get that money back to his backers.

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