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Jimmy Kimmel Pitches New Horse Pants Project to “Shark Tank” (Video)

This week, Jimmy Kimmel pitched a new (and unique) kind of project on the set of the hit series, Shark Tank called Horse Pants. The show revealed in a Facebook post on Tuesday: “You never know what will happen when Jimmy Kimmel and a horse step into… Read More

Fanmiles Kicks Off Social Media Platform: Seeks to Establish Global Ecosystem to Reward Crowd Loyalty

Readers may now be familiar with Jimmy Kimmel’s viral Mean Tweets on YouTube.  If you haven’t joined the over 47M viewers who watched these funny clips, treat yourself to a laugh. Berlin-based Fanmiles taps into the crowd’s desire to reach out (ideally in a positive way, not like Mean Tweets) to… Read More

Blood Sport Gaming System Gets the Axe By Kickstarter Just Six Days Into Its Crowdfunding Camapign

Last week, co-founders of Canadian-based company Blood Sport launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $250,000 for its new self-titled gaming system known. The description of the system is pretty much self-explanatory, with Blood Sport, the programmers take the consequences of the gaming world… Read More

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