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Open Banking Europe, Combines with Open Banking Exchange (OBE)

Open Banking Europe and Open Banking Exchange have combined to form a single group in pursuit of the benefits of open banking (open finance) technology. According to a statement from the new group, “subject matter experts and advisors to regulators, self-regulated organizations (SROs) and national… Read More

Open Banking Europe Extends Relationship with European Telecommunications Standards Institute

Open Banking Europe (OBE) reports that it has extended its memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for three more years. OBE provides standardised solutions while working with stakeholders to facilitate a greater understanding of open banking and enable collaboration between… Read More

Open Banking Exchange (OBE) Chosen by IFC to Conduct Open Finance Program in the Philippines

As open finance continues to evolve as an international movement, it’s critical for various world  regions to compare different implementation methods before selecting the best or most appropriate system. The Open Banking Exchange, the international unit of Open Banking Europe, has been established to guide… Read More

Konsentus Acquires Open Banking Europe S.A.S.

Konsentus, a firm that provides open banking identity and regulatory checking services to protect our customers and partners from the risk of fraud has acquired Open Banking Europe (OBE) S.A.S. from PRETA, according to a release. Details of the transaction were not provided. Open Banking… Read More

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