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Fintech Founders Criticize UK Government as it Falls Short in Supporting Recommendations of the Kalifa Review of Fintech

It has been one year since the publication of the Kalifa Review of Fintech – a document that sought to provide a roadmap to ensure the UK’s prominence in the global Fintech ecosystem. On the anniversary of the publication, there have been multiple comments regarding… Read More

UK Fintech Leaders Publish Open Letter Calling for More Innovation Support on Anniversary of Kalifa Review

On the one-year anniversary of the Kalifa Review of Fintech, 70 Fintech leaders have published an open letter in support of the industry demanding the UK government do more to promote and support innovative financial services. The Kalifa Review was designed to be a roadmap… Read More

Kalifa Fintech Review: One Year On

The Kalifa Review of Fintech was published almost one year ago. The document was constructed to help guide the UK in its mission of supporting and promoting its prominence as a global Fintech hub. The UK has long been a vital financial center – second only to… Read More

UK Kalifa Fintech Review: Policy Recommendations for Keeping the Fintech Boom Going

The long-anticipated report on the UK Fintech ecosystem and recommendations as to how to keep the robust market growing in a post-Brexit world has been published today. The Kalifa Review of Fintech seeks to provide a roadmap for the UK to maintain its prominence in… Read More

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