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Brief: Kiva Zip Forms New Partnership With Malena to Launch Crowdfunded Order Platform

On Wednesday, Kiva’s loan lender, Kiva Zip, announced that it has teamed up with ecommerce marketplace, Malena, to launch a crowdfunded order platform. The lender revealed how it works: Users invest in an entrepreneur or small business to fulfill an order of their products, and in return… Read More

Brief: Kiva Says Don’t Sweat the Volatility

On Tuesday, Kiva Zip’s Jonny Price announced the lending platform’s numbers from November 2011 (its launch) to December 2015 (present).   Kiva Zip is a program from Kiva where people may make loans directly to entrepreneurs for as little as $5. It has three goals: Help… Read More

Intuit Forms Partnership With Kiva Zip to Help Underserved Small Businesses to Obtain Loans

Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) announced on Thursday that it has formed a partnership with Kiva’s loan lender, Kiva Zip, to help underserved small businesses to obtain loans through the QuickBooks Financing Platform. Intuit stated as part of the initiative, the Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation (IFFF) has established… Read More

Kiva Zip Shares Data on 2013 (Deck)

Kiva Zip, a peer-to-peer crowdlending platform, has published a review of statistics for 2013.  Kiva Zip is a pilot program from Kiva where people may make loans directly to entrepreneurs for as little as $5.  In the United States the repayment rate stands at almost… Read More

Kiva, EarlyIQ Partner for Due Diligence in Peer-toPeer Space

Kiva, the microfinance crowdfunding platform for social good, has announced a partnership with San Diego based EarlyIQ’s due diligence  platform to evaluate loan applications on the Kiva Zip platform.   As the small business credit crunch has continued unabated in recent years, Kiva Zip will help… Read More

Local Marketplace Platform Zaarly Partners with Crowdfunder Kiva

Online Marketplace Zaarly and Kiva Zip Partner to Boost Small Business Growth Through Online Sales Channel and Crowdfunded Loans for Budding Entrepreneurs Zaarly and Kiva are launching a partnership to provide small business owners online storefronts and access to crowdfunded business loans.  The initial launch… Read More

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