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HeartMob Battles Online Harassment With Real-Time Support And By Empowering Bystanders

Twitter recently banned harassing and violent language, such as direct threats and tweets promoting violence toward others. The company’s expanded policy is part of a growing recognition of online harassment issues, and the significant negative effects felt by victims (ex. Zelda Williams). Now, a platform providing real-time support to individuals experiencing online… Read More

FOIA Machine on Kickstarter: Automating Freedom of Information Act Requests

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA or FOY-ah) is a US law dating back to the Lyndon B. Johnson administration that facilitates the disclosure of information. The law is designed to hold the US government accountable for disclosing information. Additionally, it outlines the consequences of… Read More

Knight Foundation Plays The Challenge Grant Card

It always surprises me when people seem agog at the very concept of crowdfunding. It is as if that individual has never watched Sesame Street or heard of NPR. At it’s heart the crowdfunding model is a twist on the public media one. Heck, you might even… Read More

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