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Disrupted: Laser Razor Nears $4 Million in Crowdfunding

The shaving / razor industry is pretty huge in the United States.  The shaving segment, according to Statista,  tops $3.6 billion annually including razors, cream etc.  Companies such as Bic, Schick and Gillette, have based a business off the demand for a product that is used… Read More

Update: Skarp Laser Razor: $0 to $1.8 Million in Days.

Laser Razor, a crowdfunding campaign we covered last weekend, has encountered a bit of a success. Signing up on Kickstarter to raise a mere $160,000, the campaign now stands at over $1.8 million. Launched on September 21st, the Skarp product has now captured over 10,000… Read More

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