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Questionable Crowdfunding Project Skarp Lazer Razor Secures Over $412,000 & Joins Indiegogo InDemand Program

Well, despite being one of the most questioned projects, the Skarp Lazer Razor has secured over $412,000 and has joined Indiegogo InDemand. Skarp, which originally launched on Kickstarter last month, uses lasers to clip the unwanted hair. The creators (Skarp Technologies) promise an irritation free… Read More

Update: Kickstarter Suspended Project “Skarp” Captures Nearly $350,000 on Indiegogo

Despite the recent suspension on Kickstarter, it seems that some Indiegogo backers still believe in the laser razor, Skarp. According to its original description, Skarp uses lasers to clip the unwanted hair. The creators (Skarp Technologies) promise an irritation free and incredibly close shave.  All with a… Read More

Suspended: Skarp Laser Razor Campaign Shut Down by Kickstarter After Raising $4 Million

The Skarp Laser Razor received the ban hammer from Kickstarter earlier today.  As shared in the comments from an earlier article, apparently the Skarp campaign was banned as Kickstarter deemed the project as in violation of its terms of operation.  As covered previously, Skarp did… Read More

Disrupted: Laser Razor Nears $4 Million in Crowdfunding

The shaving / razor industry is pretty huge in the United States.  The shaving segment, according to Statista,  tops $3.6 billion annually including razors, cream etc.  Companies such as Bic, Schick and Gillette, have based a business off the demand for a product that is used… Read More

Update: Skarp Laser Razor: $0 to $1.8 Million in Days.

Laser Razor, a crowdfunding campaign we covered last weekend, has encountered a bit of a success. Signing up on Kickstarter to raise a mere $160,000, the campaign now stands at over $1.8 million. Launched on September 21st, the Skarp product has now captured over 10,000… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Protein Beer, Butterfleye Monitoring Camera & a Laser Powered Razor

High protein beer? Now that is a unique invention. Beer has never really been bad for you (in moderation). But usually high in carbs, beer can help you pack on a paunch if you are not careful. Brewtein is a new concoction from startup brewery… Read More

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