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World’s Best Crowdfunding on Seedinvest: Making Luxury Lifestyle Accessible

World’s Best, a leading online destination for the luxury lifestyle, has launched a capital raise through SeedInvest to expand their offerings and continue to disrupt the luxury shopping model. At this writing, World’s Best, which is offering securities under both Reg D and Reg CF, has… Read More

Kickstarter Round 3: Founders Danielius & Matas Jakutis Discuss How Filippo Loreti’s Watch Campaign Ticks Past €4.8M+

Fillippo Loreti has returned to Kickstarter for its third campaign. Founded in 2014, when brothers Danielius and Matas Jakutis were researching the luxury watch market with the goal of revolutionizing the luxury industry by offering high-quality luxury products at affordable prices. The believe that a luxury watch… Read More

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