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Still Time to Comment on SEC’s Proposed Regulation D General Solicitation Rules? On July 10, 2013, the SEC issued its final rules allowing general solicitation and advertising in unregistered private placements, provided all of the investors were accredited, effective September 23, 2013.  However, on the… Read More

WATCH: General Assembly Hosts Panel On General Solicitation For Entrepreneurs

SeedInvest general counsel Kiran Lingam and Cooley, LLP partner Jim Fulton recently took part in a panel hosted by General Assembly. The goal was to wrap some perspective around the changes coming with Title II of the JOBS Act and general solicitation for offerings under… Read More

AngelList’s Ravikant: Form D Filing Rules Could Cause “Disastrous Unintended Consequences” For Startups

In a comment letter submitted to the SEC, AngelList co-founder and CEO Naval Ravikant raises concerns over a proposed rule that would require startups seeking funding to file Form D 15 days before general solicitation takes place. In a nutshell, Ravikant expresses doubt that entrepreneurs… Read More

Associates Of Candace Klein Speak Out On SoMoLend, Fraud Allegations In Ohio

Allegations by the Ohio Division of Securities reverberate through the entrepreneurial class & the crowdfunding industry Candace Klein has been an extremely visible figure in the world of crowdfunding. Beyond her role as CEO of lending-based platform SoMoLend, she is also the former chair and… Read More

INFOGRAPHIC: Crowdentials On Certifying Accredited Status For Crowdfunding Portals

Crowdentials CEO Richard Rodman shared the following infographic with Crowdfund Insider today outlining how his company plans to provide accredited investor certification service to the crowdfunding industry. The burden for certifying accredited status has increased with the introduction of 506(c) offerings. Click the infographic for… Read More

GOP Lawmakers Pressure SEC To Implement JOBS Act

Yesterday a group of GOP lawmakers including Representative Patrick McHenry sent a letter to newly minted SEC chairman Mary Jo White. The letter urges timely implementation of Section 201 of the JOBS Act, which calls for the removal of the ban on general solicitation for… Read More

On Mary Schapiro’s Legacy

I look forward to talking tomorrow. I have 2 worries – one is that if these guys (CFA, et al) feel this strongly, it seems like we should give them a comment period. Its not really asking for much… The other is that I don’t want… Read More

New FAQs on Broker-Dealer Registration Exemption

On February 5, 2013, the SEC released FAQs regarding Section 201 of the JOBS Act, which offers a new limited exemption from broker-dealer registration. In addition to directing the SEC to adopt rules lifting the ban on general solicitation in Rule 506 offerings to only accredited investors (provided… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding: Small Business Capital “Blackhole” Trumps “Fiscal Cliff”

They missed the deadline.  We knew they would.  They knew the deadline was coming for months and months but they did nothing but offer platitudes.  They knew what the stakes were for a fragile recovery.  They placed another self-inflicted wound on the economy anyhow.  It… Read More

The JOBS Act: Could It Create a Two-Tiered System?

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, passed into law in April of this year, has the potential to help startups and small businesses raise capital through numerous, small investments from “the crowd.” This widely discussed crowdfunding exemption is found in Title III of the… Read More

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