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Brazil’s C6 Bank Enables Sending, Receiving Euros Abroad

Customers who have a Global Account with C6 Bank with a balance in euros have a new feature that “allows them to make international transfers in foreign currency.” The option, which was already available in the Global Dollar Account offered by C6 Bank, serves those… Read More

Brazil’s C6 Bank Reveals that Cashback Is Used by Many Clients Accumulating Points

Brazil’s C6 Bank notes that the purchase of airline tickets has always been one of the main destinations given to the points accumulated by customers registered in bank and credit card loyalty programs. But other ways of using these miles are “starting to become popular.”… Read More

Digital Banking: C6 Bank Clients in Brazil can Make Free Withdrawals with Pix Saque

Brazil’s C6 Bank clients can now make 100% free Pix Saque and Pix Troco transactions across the country. The new functionality “allows operations like these to be carried out in commercial establishments and lottery houses, not just at ATMs, making life easier for users.” Maxnaun… Read More

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