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Kickstarter Campaign Hit’s Goal & Then Fails as Backers Abandon MBLOK

This is something that doesn’t happen to often. The MBLOK campaign on Kickstarter hit their $120,00 CAD crowdfunding goal last Thursday, June 12th – only to see backers abandon the project as questions arose to the viability of the device. MBLOK, a hardware device we… Read More

MBLOK Seeks $120,000 on Kickstarter for Really Cool Memory Device

Hoping to change the way computer and tablet users save files, Canada-based Kwelea, Inc. launched their $120,000 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its product MBLOK.  The “memory card” is known as a “pocket-sized SSD with integrated Bluetooth technology that allows you to store and access data… Read More

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