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Q&A: Stephen Sheinbaum, Founder Of Merchant Cash and Capital, Talks Bizfi And The Future of Banks (Hint: There Is One)

As the founder of Merchant Cash and Capital (MCC), a small business alternative lending company that has also worked with companies from UPS to Pita Pit, Stephen Sheinbaum oversees a company that is using leading technology to change the way small businesses get capital. Prior… Read More

Merchant Cash & Capital Originates $115M+ in 2Q 2015 Business Financing: Moves Ahead 79% from Q2 2014

Small business alternative lending company Merchant Cash and Capital (MCC) and its family of companies, including the newly launched Bizfi, announced the origination of more than $115 million in business financing in the second quarter of 2015. This represents a 79 percent increase from Q2 2014 and a more… Read More

The Tech That Powers Alternative Finance

  Trends in the Use of Technology in Alternative Finance Calendar makers divide the general world’s timeline into “Common Era” and “before the Common Era”. For financial technology, the timeline should be divided into “Before PayPal” and the sea change which has happened since. When… Read More

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