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Knock, Knock … Who’s There? … A TON Of Potential New Real Estate Investors

  To date, most crowdfunded investment opportunities have been limited to wealthy investors who meet the current definition of “accredited investor.” This has left an absolutely HUGE market of potential investor capital, represented by those individuals who currently do not qualify as accredited investors, virtually untapped…. Read More

Origin Capital Lists First Denver Offer on Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

Origin Capital announced it’s new real estate crowdfunding platform in September of 2015. Origin is a real estate investment management firm with approximately $500 million of real estate under management.  At the time of the announcement, Origin stated they wanted to facilitate far greater access for… Read More

Origin Capital Opens New Commercial Real Estate Investment Platform

Origin Capital, a real estate investment management firm that manages more than $400 million in assets, has unveiled its online commercial real estate investment platform. With this announcement, Origin Capital is making its investment activities more accessible and efficient to investors by moving the entire process… Read More

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